Case Report Guide

This is meant to be a resource guide to get you started. This guide can be used as a reference for you and your Site Director to go over together to get started on your case report.

Writing a medical case report contributes meaningful knowledge about a rare disease or unusual presentation of illness to other practitioners in the field. Robust case reports pertaining to naturopathic medical cases are integral in the efforts to further the credibility of the profession. Evidence-based research holds significant weight in the current medical culture and case reports (due to a flexible format) lend themselves to reporting on holistic health topics.

What is a case report?

A report of a single case of disease, typically describing an unusual or rare occurrence. The case report usually describes findings, clinical course, and prognosis, which is accompanied by a review of other cases already documented in biomedical literature to put the case in context.

When to write a case report?

Case reports should contribute new information to the medical field. Each journal has its own criteria for publication. Remember to investigate the requirements for the specific publication(s) you are intending to submit your case report to. Choosing a journal can be tricky, make sure that the one you pick regularly publishes case reports.

Helpful tips:

  • Break the case report draft into appropriate sections and start with bullet points

  • Use complete sentences

  • Read case reports from the publication you are applying to-- this can give you an idea of the caliber of work and language they expect

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